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"Blue Home"

"The Love That Still Lives Here" 

I started making the video for “The Love That Still Lives Here” as a creative exercise, and just kept rolling with it until I felt like I had something worth keeping. I followed my instincts through the entire process, and I had to, because I’d never made a music video before without help from a team. The video is mostly made up of clips from my phone and other stock footage that I found online. I tried to treat it similarly to other creative endeavors: get out all of your ideas, then edit, then lay down more ideas, then refine, until you have something that excites you. I knew I had to try to capture where I was when I wrote the song, which was literally “floating through a bed of cloud”. So on the plane ride back to California, I used my phone to capture moments outside the cabin window that I thought looked cool. I also wanted to incorporate some footage of kids at the beach, because when I’m really homesick, that’s the place that I long for the most. I was especially drawn to the shots I found of people praying, because the song is about having hope, and spreading love in a dark time. 

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