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Eden Iris is an artist from Auckland, New Zealand who has been described as “an accomplished raconteuse, a descriptive musical story teller with a genuine endearing sound” (Corrine Rutherford, She moved to Los Angeles, California when she was nineteen years old to pursue her music career, and has since made a home for herself on the west coast. Recently, Eden has collaborated with esteemed songwriters and producers such as Maia Sharp (Dixie Chicks), Evan Klar (Kate Miller-Heidke) and Jess Harlen. Her musical influences range from power-babes such as Kate Bush & Tori Amos to the more brooding songs of Ben Howard and Leonard Cohen. She writes and produces out of her home studio in Burbank, California. Eden was awarded Folk Act of the Year (2020) by Radio Wigwam (U.K.) and the winner of the "Inspire Your Songs" Category in the International Songwriting Competition (2021).

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